Let business users keep access to news at all times

Branch association Media Monitoring Organisations launched in response to market development

UTRECHT, 7 February 2023 – In the strongly consolidating market of news creators and providers in the Netherlands, there is a lack of uniform and workable rules and agreements for business users to continue using news for information, research, analysis and enrichment. An initial group of five independent Dutch organisations therefore established the Branch association Media Monitoring Organisations (BMMO).

The BMMO represents the interests of companies that monitor commissioned (editorial) news sources and make relevant news and content accessible through, for example, daily client-specific news provision and conduct analyses and research on that news. Clients of these Media Monitoring Organisations are companies, governments and other organisations.

“As an industry association, we understand that business users of editorial news also have rules and should be paid a reasonable fee,” said Charissa Smits, president of BMMO this morning at the launch. “However, as a branch association, we make a strong case for clear, fair and workable agreements regarding business use of and payment for news in line with copyright and other relevant legislation. In doing so, we take into account the interests of all rights holders and stakeholders, including authors, media providers, business users and our member Media Monitoring Organisations. Fees for the use of news should be reasonable and reach the parties and people entitled to them. We as BMMO are committed to a level playing field and fair competition in the field of Media Monitoring where news providers/publishers -and their deployed parties- who sell the news to market parties also treat these market parties equally with transparent, uniform and workable rules and fees to be paid.” So says chairman Charissa Smits.

Besides advocacy, the Branch association Media Monitoring Organisations aims to contribute to the further professionalisation of media monitoring, including through independent knowledge exchange within and outside the industry.

The BMMO achieves its goals by:

  • being a discussion partner for stakeholders such as publishers, parties managing their rights and/or acting on their behalf, Media Monitoring Organisations, governments, regulators and parties using the services of Media Monitoring Organisations;
  • to act as an independent knowledge centre and source of relevant professional information by organising conferences, lectures, newsletter publications, education and (commissioning) research. The first BMMO event will take place on Thursday, 11 May 2023.

The five founding organisations and first members of Branch association Media Monitoring Organisations BMMO include Clipit, ANP, Coosto, Publistat and Monalyse. Talks are also ongoing with interested potential members and contributors.

The board of the BMMO is formed by:

  • Charissa Smits; Chairman and member on behalf of Clipit
  • Thierry Thijssen; Secretary and member on behalf of Coosto
  • Theo Korstanje; Treasurer and member on behalf of ANP


For any press enquiries, please contact Ms Charissa Smits, chairman of the Board of the Branch Association of Media Monitoring Organisations BMMO:
06 17760803